Back Country Capital
Why we are different...

BackCountry Capital's management team and investors understand the concerns of privately held and family-owned businesses because they've been there themselves. We are different than a typical private equity fund because we are committed to acquiring, operating and growing a single business. With this focus, we can make investment decisions quickly and transparently.

BackCountry can help sellers achieve liquidity while ensuring the long-term success of their company. We will bring substantial capital resources to the business we acquire, allowing us to continue to invest in the growth of the business well beyond the initial transaction. We understand that selling your business is a decision with many emotional, financial and practical considerations. We will maintain and look to continuously improve the integrity, commitment and reputation established by previous ownership.

BackCountry Capital is committed to:
  • Remaining honest, transparent and timely in our decisions.
  • Focusing on long-term growth and not short-term financial gain.
  • Retaining personnel and providing new opportunities as the company grows.
  • Maintaining and cultivating relationships with customers, employees, and the community.
  • Respecting strict confidentiality in the acquisition process.
  • Incorporating the needs of the seller with regards to estate planning, tax issues and ongoing involvement.
  • Leveraging our investors' decades of relationships as well as operational, transactional and investment experience, adding significant depth to management at no cost to the company.
  • BackCountry Capital is a unique exit alternative:
  • BackCountry will work closely with the sellers, taking into consideration their unique needs and desires for a smooth ownership transition.
  • If desired, BackCountry can structure a transaction to provide short term liquidity while sharing in the future upside of the company.
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